My previous two posts were full of emotion and frustration – and I’ve had a good long time to sit back and reflect while delivering family history month and completing my last library studies paper.

Kris captured things much better in her post “Who’s the enemy here?” over in the Room of Infinite Diligence. Re-reading Matt’s post “Why are New Zealand libraries letting their enemies write “the final chapter”?” crystalised things further for me.

Social media is a wonderful tool. It brings people from all around the world much closer together. We get to hear things, that we previously wouldn’t necessarily hear about in the traditional media. Or we’d hear about them much later than we do now.

The danger of it all, is sometimes the need to filter out or analyse the content. Not to take in too much negativity. Learn from others mistake yes, but ensure you retain balance. Concentrate on the positives. Look at the evidence.

This is my career, and I’m passionate about what I do.

My job isn’t confined to a building (although my collection might be) – I have a strong outreach focus. We are getting busier and busier, the demand is strong.

There are loads of my colleagues doing really effective, awesome outreach also, in different ways.

And outreach pulls customers in either digitally or in person (often both). The public knows the value of libraries.

As I’ve heard Tosca (@catatonichic) quote: “where ever there is a librarian, there is a library“.



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November 3, 2013 · 9:38 pm

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